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Research Streams

The research agenda of Prometis Lab is built up of several research streams for which we believe the intersection of scientific research and real-world data can make an important contribution. Below you can find the current research stream. Within each research stream projects can be found that were done or made possible by Prometis Lab.

Nowcasting and disaggregation of economic indicators

This research stream aims to better map and understand the evolution of economies by disaggregating national economic indicators such as GDP and CPI using micro-level financial data.

Household Finance

This research stream aims to investigate the dynamics that drive the financial behaviours and responses of individuals and households to extraordinary and everyday economic challenges (e.g. income changes, life events, economic uncertainty, new policies).

AI for decision-making

This research stream aims to investigate how AI can contribute to better decision-making now without losing track of the potential negative externalities algorithms can have.

Data Governance

This research stream focuses on the economic impact of (the lack of) data from an information perspective and the opportunities and frictions open data policies can cause.

Data for Society

This research stream leverages data to address critical societal challenges, providing insights that inform and guide leaders in developing fair, sustainable, and effective policies.

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