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Data Governance

This research stream focuses on the economic impact of (the lack of) data from an information perspective and the opportunities and frictions open data policies can cause.

The ascent of data as the world's premier resource has reshaped economies and industries worldwide. To unlock its utmost economic potential and bolster growth, information-rich sectors, like finance, are undergoing profound structural shifts. These shifts are propelled by the private sector's pursuit of digital opportunities and governments' objectives to guarantee competitiveness, stability, and market integrity. This trajectory is characterised by notable tensions and ambiguities: As private institutions pivot their business models to maximise the benefits from data, governments are concurrently crafting policies that influence their rights and access over both industrial and personal data.


This stream of research will address head-on the dual challenge of exploring novel data-driven solutions whilst upholding apt public data policies. Specifically, we shall harness instruments and models from fields including economics, computer science, engineering, and public policy to tackle both theoretical and empirical issues, such as: data valuation, data privacy, data sharing, data integrity.

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