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Data for Society

This research stream leverages data to address critical societal challenges, providing insights that inform and guide leaders in developing fair, sustainable, and effective solutions.

Our "Data For Society" research stream is dedicated to leveraging data to address critical societal challenges on a more practical and local level, with a focus on informing and guiding leaders across the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Belgium. We explore topics such as financial wellbeing, inequality, social mobility, the green transition, and gentrification, providing valuable insights that helps shape policies, drive innovation, and foster collaboration.


Our work aims to help shape policies that enhance the financial health of individuals and communities, reduce social and economic disparities, and promote pathways for upward mobility. We support sustainable development and examine the impacts of urban development on communities. By addressing these issues, we equip leaders with the data and insights needed to make informed decisions, contribute to the development of fair and equitable solutions, and promote practices that support environmental sustainability and resilience.


By investing in this research stream, we are committed to making a meaningful impact on society, supporting the development of effective solutions to today’s most pressing challenges, and reinforcing our dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.


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